New Hampshire Cottage Rentals

Situated in the north-eastern region, New hamsphire (NH) is a state in United States of America, located in the New England region. White Mountains, Merrimack valley and Lake Region are among the major places to visit in NH.

With somewhere around 30 kilometers, the state has the shortest coastline length in United States. The state has an ever-changing climate that changes as one move from the coasts of Atlantic Ocean towards the interior.

Southern regions receive moderate heat during both summers while winters in the northern region have relatively cooler temperatures. Presenting great opportunities for sport enthusiasts and adventurous tourists, the state attracts many travelers all throughout the year who come to enjoy several outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and trekking.

Abakee Cottages is a holiday cottage rental company located on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hamsphire. All their lakefront cottages present magnificent views overlooking the weirs bay in the backdrop of the White Mountains, Mount Washington and several other mountain ranges.

With over 40 years of experience, this company offers some of the best vacation cottage rentals available in the state. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Abakee cottages bring you one step closer to nature with its extensive shore front and sandy bottom. Visitors can choose from 15 different cottages, each comfortably spaced and fully furnished. All the cottages are well equipped with all basic amenities as well as kitchen.

Channel waterfront cottages is a popular holiday cottage rental company located in Weirs Beach, New Hamsphire. Having various attractive amenities like private sandy beaches, private docks and at-door parking, this pet friendly cottage rental company draws the attention of many tourists.

Many outdoor activities such as golf, go karts and museums are located nearby hence making it a comfortable place to stay. Being good value for money, all their cottages are absolutely clean and fully furnished. All of its cottages has well-equipped kitchens complete with many utensils and appliances.


The Currier Museum of Art is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Established in 1929, this impressive museum features several European and American art works, paintings, sculptures and much more. Along with many fascinating exhibits and displays of historic arts, the museum also has crowd gathering classical music shows and tours for the public.

Paintings of some prominent artists such as Picasso, Monet and Wyeth are put on display. Other catchy exhibits include glass articles and pottery. The museum also has a spacious cafeteria and a gift shop with a large collection of art items.

Outdoor activities and park

Situated right next to Portsmouth Harbour, New Hampshire has the nice and beautiful Prescott Park. The park lies at the shores of the Piscataqua River. Several attractive features of this park are its 10 acre of riverside lawns, Small Island for picnic, public docking areas and well maintained gardens.

All throughout the year, various kinds of musical and literary events are organized in the park. Prescott Park is located just 6 blocks from the Market square and downtown, hence presenting a great place to relax and enjoy the riverside view. A string of events are held in the park from summer to winter. One of the age old and most popular events of all is “Annie”, which is presented every Thursday through Sunday. Music concerts, local talent shows, food festivals, theatre camps for kids and youth are among several other events that take place in Prescott Park.

State Capitol

Concord New Hampshire has the oldest state capitol building in the United States of America. This government building is now receiving a large number of tourists who come to take a look at its fine architecture and design. Moreover, the grounds surrounding the state capitol is well maintained and kept clean all the time.

Several of its galleries, Legislature and Senate halls are fabulous and inspiring. Other fascinating viewings of this still functioning building are the hall of flags and its spotless chambers, where the legislatures still meet.

Mount Washington Auto Road

The Auto Road is an 8 mile road trip that leads to the top of Mount Washington and is located in Gorham. This 25 minute road trip along the steep edges of the mountains gives some amazing moments of excitement and nervousness.

But tourists need not worry as they are under the watch of drivers with years of experience and knowledge. The peak offers a spectacular view of the surrounding accompanied by cold chilling wind that brings some relief from the heat down in the city. Tourists can either take the informative guided tour or drive themselves to the top. Either way, there is a lot to see and enjoy.

Situated in Gorham, the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center is a tourist’s centre which presents a great opportunity for sport enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Major activities that are carried out here are hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and many more.

From comfortable trials for beginners to challenging pro trails, the facility has all grades of trials depending on the level of experience. Visiting centres have base lodge from where the view of White Mountains peak is truly glorious. This two story building has shops, cafes and a fine food court as well. The ground floors are filled with sport rental stores, changing areas and locker rooms.