Outer Banks Cottage Rentals

The Outer Banks is a long stretch of barrier islands that cover most of the North Carolina coastlines. It is approximately a 200 mile long string that starts from the southernmost corner of Virginia Beach on the east coast of the United States.

Certain parts of Currituck, Dare and Hyde are parts of the Outer Banks system which has now become a famous tourist’s destination. The historic event of mans’ first attempted flight was carried out here by the Wright Brothers. The wide open beaches and the moderate climate is what attract the tourists to Outer banks in large numbers. Golfing and fishing are among the favorite pass time for tourists as well as the locals.

There are many cottages available in Outer Banks for accommodation purposes of tourists and visitors. One amongst them is the Wright Cottage Court which is located ½ mile south of the Wright Brothers Memorial. These self-catering cottages have well equipped kitchens containing all basic amenities to guarantee a pleasant stay at these cottages. They contain 2 to 6 bedroom cottages and come along with complimentary linen set up. With heat and air conditioner available throughout the year, they come with their own beach access.

The Saltaire cottage court provides family-oriented vacation cottages rentals with ocean front houses and well-equipped kitchens. All their properties are located centrally to several attractions in Outer Banks such as Wright Brother Memorial, Jockey’s Ridge, Lighthouses and many more. Saltaire offers outer pool as well as direct beach access.

Outer Banks has quite a lot of things to offer and lot of places to visit. Some of these fun featuring activities to be done in Outer Banks are listed below.


The long beaches of Outer banks present the opportunities for various water lovers and sport enthusiasts to enjoy several water sports. These beaches act as a beacon that attracts tourists from all over the world. The sports involve surfing, swimming, kite flying and many more. The Outer Banks Surf Shop is located in Duck, the north end of the Banks. The shop provides surfing programs and has rental facilities for various hardwear, surfing and skate equipment’s.

A wide range of high-quality and sophisticated equipment’s such as fiberglass shortboards, softboards and paddleboards are also available at the Outerbanks Surf Shop.

NOR’s Banks Sailing is a popular operation that has been providing sailboats for rent since 1979. All the 5 flying scots that NOR’ Banks owes have been recently refurbished and well-maintained. These scots can easily accommodate crew members up to 6. Rental charges are $75 for the 1st hour and an addition of $40 for the successive hours.

The waters of Outer Banks are equally favoured by both professionals as well as beginners. Summer is the perfect time for beginners to take it on to the oceans to learn board-surfing and windsurfing. The shallow, calm and friendly waters of this season presents the most appropriate time for learning such skills. Even professional surfers come to test their skills on the waters of Outer Banks. Moderate climate, steady winds and almost consistent temperature makes the coasts of Outer Banks a perfect hangout for all kinds of water sports enthusiasts.

Museums and Attractions

Wright Brothers National Memorial is located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. The museum is the site of world’s first sustained powered flight recollecting the achievement made by the wright brothers on 17th December 1903. Basic exhibits and features involve the Visitor centre, Wooden Hangar and the Memorial tower. The Visitor Centre has a live size replica of the 1903 flyer built by the wright brothers. Apart from that, the 60 foot tall granite monument resting on top of the Big Devil Hill is a treat to the eyes.

Completed in 1823, the 65 feet tall lighthouse located in the Ocracoke Island is the oldest operating lighthouse on the North Carolina Coast. The island can be reached by ferry. Cedar Island has scheduled ferries that leave to Ocracoke five times a day. Other than that, the state operates a free ferry that connects Orcracoke to Hatteras Island.

Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Centre is a foundation that preserves and collects Native American artifacts, culture and arts from across the country. Several galleries display arts that present an idea of lifestyle and culture of the first inhabitants of Hatteras Island. Other than tradition exhibitions and tours, the museum also offers workshops and seminars. Also, there is an observation room for bird watching and several acres of natural trails that goes through the lush forests.

Tourists visit beaches of Corolla to see the wild colonial Spanish mustangs that roam freely on these grounds. Several self-driven tours are offered by jeep rental stores to pay a visit to these beaches. Corolla Wild Horse Fund is a public charity association that take responsibility to preserve and protect these horses. The site of these horses on a sandy beach background gives rise to many photo opportunities. The association runs two museum stores that offer many accessories such as books, jewellery, clothes etc.

Tours and Excursions

Jockey’s Ridge State Park is famous for being the largest natural living sand dunes on the east coast. The scenic beauty of the ocean from the top of these sand dunes is worth the climb. The 426 acre park presents many fun activities for the tourists.

The view of so many people hand gliding, flying kites and children running down the dunes on boards is very fascinating. The park offers several programs throughout the year such as self-guided hiking trails, sand boarding and other natural programs. Other features includes visitor’s centre, museum, picnic areas, gift shops and many more.

Established in 1953 Cape Hatteras National Seashore was the nation’s first national seashore. Extending from Orcracoke Inlet to the south Nags Head, this 70 mile stretch of long beaches is a tourist hub which is filled with all kinds of beach activities. Tourists can see many wind and kite surfers on the inlet.

The seashore presents to be great place for picnic, camping and hiking. A complete package of fun for all family members including pets! There is a lot to explore, be it the wildlife, the calm sandy beaches or climbing to the top of Cape Hatteras lighthouse. There are several beach cottage rentals with a general accommodation of up to 10 people. Apart from that there are many others located across the road from the beach. The panoramic view of the national seashore from top of the lighthouse is breath-taking.