Algonquin Park Cottage Rentals

Being the 2nd Most Priceless National Park in Canada, the Algonquin Provincial Park is often considered as the gem of Ontario Parks System.

Established in 1893, the park has now grown into a massive size, covering an area of 7 653 km2. The oldest provincial park in Canada gets an annual count of 800,000 visitors. Besides its rich wildlife and lush forests, Algonquin Park is preferred by many visitors for its closeness to several major cities like Ottawa and Toronto.

As for the tourist attractions located in and round Algonquin are concerned, they are available in large numbers. Hence many vacation cottage rental companies have come up in the park to provide world-class accommodation right around the nature.

Stan’s Cottages is situated along the shores of Negeek Lake and offers a total of 8 family vacation cottage rentals. With all its cottages having a beachfront view, visitors can enjoy their morning breakfast with a fine scenic beauty right across their yard. With maximum occupancy of 6, their cottages are well maintained and equipped with all amenities. Above all, pets are allowed. Other activities involve swimming, boating, riding kayaks, fire pits and picnics spots.

Haliburton Sunset Cottage is located on Kash Lake, Haliburton. It is a pet friendly cottage rental site located close to all outdoor activities such as biking, golfing, Kash Lake and its sandy beaches. With a total accommodation of 8, this 1 storey cottage has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

The cottage is equipped with all technological devices to provide maximum comfort to its occupants. There is room for plenty of indoor activities such as pool and ping pong. All in all, the cottage guarantees visitors for a perfect vacation trip.

There are several places worth visiting in Algonquin Provincial Park. Out of them, most tourists prefer to go on Day tours which present itself as an excellent opportunity to spend time with family.

Day Tours and Outings

Located in Ontario, the Algonquin Adventure Day tours is a wilderness exploration day tour offered to adventurous travelers in order to show them the rich flora and fauna found in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Major activities associated with the trip are biking, hiking, boating and canoe. Apart from this, there are seasonal outdoor activities like skiing and snowshoeing. With availability of such a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation, the park becomes a perfect spot for professional photographers who try to capture animals and various bird species in action.

Canoeing and other water related activities are carried out under the supervision of an expert cum guide. While going across the lake, Algonquin offers several locations fit for tourists’ attention. one among them includes the beautiful sunset behind the lush green mountains. Apart from having all necessary outdoor equipment’s, Algonquin Adventure Day Tours are also known to provide delicious food.

Your trip to Algonquin Provincial Park is not complete unless you have been to the Visitor Centre. The center was inaugurated while celebrating the parks 100th anniversary. Containing all facilities that someone can wish for, the location is poured with visitors and tourists all throughout the year.

Other than watching pictures and models of various animals, tourists can also learn a lot about the park’s natural history and its wildlife. Apart from its numerous exhibits, the big building consists of an information desk, restaurant, Souvenir Shop and a book store. Visitors are greeted with a short movie describing the centre’s purpose and current developments.


Moose is among the common animals which inhabit this vast area. Algonquin Park is filled with these animals along with many others. Visitors often find it difficult to spot groups of Moose or at least one for that matter. Hence some knowledge about their active season can increase your chances of spotting one.

Evidently, moose are spotted more in the months of May, June, September and October; when they are active, both physically and sexually. Apart from that, these animals can only be seen deep in the wood and near lakes. Although rare, moose are also sited along Highway number 60 when they cross the road.

Not just Moose, there are other major animals which has made this park their natural habitat and have adapted themselves over the years to co-exist with each other. Setting aside big animals which includes bears, the park is also home for 53 species of mammals, 272 species of birds and around 7,000 species of insects.

This staggering diversity in fauna is acknowledged by many nature lovers. As for the bears, tourists need not worry much as they are quite shy and less in number. Still there are various precautionary measures taught in the visitor’s center to avoid unnecessary attraction.

For campers, food and other eatables should be kept safely while left-overs should be properly disposed. There are several endangered species of wolves present in the park. They usually move in packs of 4 or more. Visitors and tourists need not be worried as they are constantly monitored and studied. Hence encountering a pack of wolves is highly unlikely.

Trails and walking

Spruce Bog Boardwalk is located in Algonquin Park and is considered to be one of the best trails available in the Park. Although short, the trail is surrounded by lush vegetation and a wide variety of flora. Visitors can also site various species of birds and insects. The whole hiking trail is divided into 10 areas, each with its own ecology.