Cottages in Cornwall

Cottages in Cornwall

Situated in Ontario, Cornwall is the easternmost country in Canada. Surrounded by various communities and named after the English dutchy of Cornwall, the city is the urban hub lying at the center with Avonmore to the north, Lancaster to the east, Long Sault to the west and Mohawk territory of akwesasne to the south.

The city is located on the St. Lawrence Seaway east of the Eisenhower and snell locks and the Cornwall harbour lies to north of the bank of St. Lawrence River. Mostly attracted to the famous lake-side Cornwall cottage resorts; tourists also find the city a very pleasant site to visit.

Depending on the number of people in a group, tourists have the lenience of choosing a cottage from a whole variety of Holiday cottages options in Cornwall. Apart from that, there are many self-catering cottages and luxurious private cottage rentals with some even having indoor pool facilities.

There are pet friendly cottage rentals as well.

Recreation Parks

With over 40 parks spread in a region of 750 acres, the city of Cornwall has got all the facilities to amuse visitors. And not just parks, there are recreational centres which include hockey arenas, gyms, state of the art aquatic centre and many more!

Cornwall offers many recreational programs all throughout the year. An important part of which is the 40 km stretch of recreational path along the St. Lawrence River. This vivid network of well-maintained roads allows people to walk or bike along the river. Presenting a wide and beautiful view of the river makes up the largest part of this recreational path that covers the entire waterfront.

A 75 km stretch of road with a number of small museums and historic sites connects several neighborhoods along its way. Places to visit while you are on the recreational path include the Lamoureux Park, Cornwall Civic Complex, Cornwall Community Museum and the historic Cornwall Canal.

Not only that, visitors can feel more involved to the culture of the city by rolling into some arts workshops and programs. Such as the summer playground program enabling children to enroll into one among the 18 parks across the city. And not just for kids, there are youth and adult painting workshops to learn different kinds of painting styles, such as oil painting.

Sport Activities

The City of Cornwall shows a huge interest in many sport activities and being healthy and active is kind of their town’s motto. A good place to start would be the state of the art Cornwall Aquatic Centre. Home to the 25 metre Kinsmen Pool, the center also offers swimming program for people of all ages and experience.

The Benson Centre, just off the Brookdale Avenue, is a brand new multi-sport facility to which the locals and foreign athletes have developed quite the liking for. The main features of this 15 acre recreation facility are 3 NHL sized rinks, community rooms, tennis and Multi-sport courts, public skating and many more.

Despite having one of the finest golf courses in the whole of Ontario, the cost for membership is surprisingly low! Golf at Archie’s Golf Range, Summerheights Golf Links and Cornwall Golf and Country Club.

Next to the complex of Benson center lies the Cornwall Curling Centre which houses six ice sheets. Known to have more than 500 registered curlers, the complex is well equipped with a beautiful lounge and full locker room facilities.

Culture and Festival

Being in Cornwall during the summer is the best thing you could ever wish for. Each July, the Lamoureux park is filled with locals and tourists who come to become part of Cornwall’s biggest summer celebration, Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-off.

Ranging from big carnival rides, thrilling hot-air balloons and fantastic fireworks display at evening, the festival certainly packs a delightful line up of events and shows. Apart from fun rides during the days, the park comes to life at night with a series of musical entertainment shows starring many renowned bands and singers.

There are plenty of other stuffs to do in case you come to Cornwall on other part of the year. Enjoy a movie at the Port Theatre on the Montreal road.

If feeling hungry, grab a bite in the Riverside Restaurants, which lies a few blocks down the road. The restaurant serves great pizza.   The city also serves as a great place to hang around with your family, especially kids. The Kid’s corner on Pitt Street offers a wide selection books and toys. Taking the family out to the Eco Garden would be a great idea. Situated at the far west of Lamoueux Park, the area is full of greenery and treats your eyes to the panoramic view of the river. Also to make the trip educational, a visit to the St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre at the R.H. Saunders Power Dam is advisable.

Shopping and Dining

Shops and restaurants attract visitors from across the region. Riley’s on the Pitt Street is an old fashioned bakery that serves huge sandwiches, fresh donuts and cookies at a very reasonable rate.

But if you are in for some Italian cuisines, visit the Moustache Joes situated down the road. And yet another good place to visit would be the Cornwall Square mall that has lots of shops and restaurants. Napoleon Dilcatessen on Montreal Road is more than enough for a late-night snack. The Schnitzels European Flavours on Pitt Street happens to be a great place for a nightspot and to grab a few rounds of beer.